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Heritage Trunks – Free Online Education Activities from Banner House Museum Available Now

The Banner House Museum

As many school systems have closed for health precautions, there have been numerous stories of parents struggling to find activities to occupy their children, let alone maintain an educational approach to how they spend their days.  The Banner House Museum wants to remind you of our recently completed Heritage Trunk project. Designed as hands-on activity kits for second grade Avery County classrooms, the directions and activity sheets are available to EVERYONE for FREE on the Museum’s website:  http://bannerhousemuseum.org/classroom-tools/  

Most of the materials needed for the activities are readily available at home.  The kits are designed to adhere to the second grade North Carolina Schools curriculum, but they can be easily adapted to other age groups or school system students anywhere.  Of particular interest may be the “Family Stories” activity which encourages children to reach out to other family members who could use a little cheering up.

In better times, The Banner House Museum encourages people to check out the kit with materials and worksheets already printed from Blue Ridge Partnership for Children.  Located in Newland beside Mountain Jewelers, the Blue Ridge Partnership for Children is a free resource to all local families (even grandparents with visiting families!).  The Banner House Museum is grateful to them for making this kit available all year round, even when the museum is closed for the season.