Heartwarming Adoption Finalized At Avery Humane Society, Take A Look at Tito, Two-Year Old Lab Mix

Published Monday, March 25, 2013 at 10:01 am
Tito plays with toys.

Tito plays with toys.

March 25, 2013. Staff, volunteers, and other friends of the Avery County Humane Society rejoiced at the successful conclusion of a special campaign to get Tito adopted.  Tito, a two-year-old lab mix, was the last of the animals moved from the old building at Stamey Branch.  Charlene Calhoun, shelter manager, described Tito best, “He is a puppy in a dog’s body.”  Calhoun added, “Because this large dog was so strong and so playful, he was too much for most people to handle.  However, the staff and volunteers devoted extra time and TLC to socialize him and teach him basic obedience.” 



“Tito is a dream dog,” said Jennifer Greenberg, who adopted him.  “I will never understand why he was at the humane society so long,” she continued.  Greenberg and her boyfriend, Chris Bennett, are active, outdoors people—just the family that Tito needed.  “Tito now gets daily walks and long play sessions until he tires out, often in front of the fire,” reported Greenberg. 

Greenberg had one request of the public:  to give a dog a chance.  “Shelters are stressful, even if it is as nice as the Avery humane society is,” she stated.  “Yes, Tito was excitable in his cage, but he is just fine after a time outside.”  Tito’s new mom pointed out, “Other dogs waiting to be adopted often seem too excitable, but all they need is a chance.”

Many people worked together for this lab to find his perfect home.  Staff who walked and petted Tito kept a list of his best characteristics, volunteers dedicated more time to socialize him, and executive director, Bruce Malfatone, designated March as the Month of Tito.  Special thanks go to Marsha Eller for her donation to get Tito settled, to Melissa Hemmons McKinnon, of Woof Pack Pet Services, for providing Tito a complimentary spot in her upcoming training program, and to Julie Shissler for the bandannas that keep Tito looking fresh.  Greenberg concluded, “Thank you to everyone at the Avery County Humane Society for not giving up on him after all this time and for always being so loving and supportive.  We don’t know what we would do without him.”

Tito and his new family are planning a summer trip to Lake Superior to see the Northern Lights.  Malfatone expressed the feelings of many, “What a heartwarming ending this is—to know that Tito has an ideal home with young people who love to hike, to camp, and now to show off their new family member.”

For more information about other adult dogs ready for their homes, come by the Avery Humane Society in Newland, check www.averyhumane.org or call 828-733-2333.



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