High Country Community Supported Agriculture: Reserve Your Share, Deliveries Begin June 1

Published Friday, April 29, 2016 at 1:44 pm

Reserve your share for 2016.

Ever wonder where your food comes? You don’t have to wonder for long in the High Country, as our local farmers keep us full with a seasonal bounty of vegetables and fruit. Just drive around the county a bit on our lovely country roads and you’ll catch a spectacle of newly tilled or planted fields that continue to drive the agricultural history of the region. Five of these farms work with High Country Community Supported Agriculture, to create what we call a ‘share’ of the spring, summer, and fall harvest.

Against the Grain Farm

A CSA is simply a model of ‘community supported agriculture,’ allowing you, our community, amazing access to quality, local produce, all season long. Our farmers create a great lineup of vegetables that represent the seasonal availability of produce in the High Country. HCCSA is a collaborative project of five local farms, Against the Grain, Lively UP, Springhouse Farm, Tumbling Shoals and Waxwing Farm. These five farms are dedicated to ecologically just farming, socially just hiring practices, preserving our farmland heritage and of course, exceptional produce. You can find out more about each farm on our website www.highcountrycsa.org.

HCCSA started as a project of Maverick Farms in 2006 and over the years developed into a cornerstone of quality local food distribution. We now function under Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture, a local non-profit dedicated to strengthening the High Country local food network. The farms at HCCSA are diverse, from one to thirty acre plots and include new growers to multi-generational farms. Our farmers share a dedication to community and to providing the highest quality food. To these ends, all five farms utilize sustainable agriculture techniques, two are organic certified by the USDA, and one farm is biodynamic. These farming styles all resist synthetic pesticides, and focus instead on providing habitat for beneficial insects, protecting ecosystems, conserving water, and embracing natural means of crop protection.

Our mission at HCCSA is to unite farmers and local eaters in celebration of shared risk, abundance, and delicious food. It’s truly an expression of food solidarity where farmers collaborate to create bounty and community members embrace what Wendell Berry, Appalachian author and poet, calls their “agrarian responsibility” to their food-shed.

Our produce deliveries begin June 1st and run weekly until October 12th. We deliver on Wednesday’s to over 4 convenient locations in Boone including the Watauga Extension Office on King Street, Farm Café in downtown Boone, and please, keep your ears open for a new ‘east side’ of Boone pick up site.   We also deliver to Valle Crucis and a number of local employers. This year we will start an Ashe County delivery on Thursday’s to the Ashe Memorial Hospital. When you sign up for your share at www.highcountrycsa.org or www.highcountrycsa.com, you’ll have the option to pick the location that is best for you.

Our Regular Share, typically 7 items, valued at $25.00 worth of produce/week, costs $510.00 for the season.

Our Small Share, typically 5-6 items, valued at $17.50 worth of produce/week, costs $360.00 for the season.

We also offer a limited number of ‘cost-share’ memberships. Please visit our website for more information. HCCSA is extremely proud of the Cost Share program, a joint effort that enables low-resource families’ access to quality fresh produce at reduced costs. On May 7th at Horn in the West in Boone, the Vision Village Festival will donate ½ their proceeds to the Cost Share program. We hope you will come out and support this local music and community festival for such a valuable cause, quality food for all.

Tell your friends and co-workers, and like us on facebook. Become a member of HC CSA for 20 weeks of high quality, pesticide free, non-GMO, produce each week.

Wax Wing Farm

Tumbling Shoals Farm

Lively Up Farm

Springhouse Farm

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