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Hawksnest Tubing Park Has Piled Up the Snow; Ready to Operate for the Rest of the Season

Machinery at Hawksnest was in the process of forming tubing lanes on Thursday getting ready for weekend opening.

By Joe Johnson

Hawksnest Tubing Park is back in action with all 30 lanes of their snow-tubing park open to the public; the first time all year the park has been entirely open! After the warm spell in the mountains these past couple weeks, the cold weather has been a welcome transition for winter activity enthusiasts who want to visit their favorite ski or snow-tubing slope.

“Seems like the warm spell always happens after the first of the year, so we get ready for it,” said Lenny Cottom, owner of Hawksnest, “Sometimes we have enough snow to weather the storm and sometimes we don’t. We’re pretty much open every day from here on out as long as the weather allows; check our website for any updates for any weather conditions that may deter us.”

The gloomy and dank weather throughout the day on Friday had no effect on the tubing park; there should be snow at the tail end of this rain spell, so the park will be operating under normal circumstances!

Hawksnest Tubing Park is the largest snow-tubing park on the East Coast! With over 30 lanes of snow tubing that span from 400 to 1,000 feet long, Hawksnest Tubing is your family’s destination for a unique winter experience. Four different snow-tubing areas provide an array of terrain that satisfies even the most advanced tubers.

Hawksnest’s snowmaking facilities are able to provide the best possible conditions and fun for the whole family. The park offers 100% lighting and snow tubing on all lanes, so the fun can continue into the night. Their snow grooming equipment is state of the art, so they can offer a wide stretch of groomed lanes for tubing fun. “After about three days of the cold weather we could start from scratch again and have a tremendous amount of snow in a couple days as long as the temperatures are right,” said Lenny Cottom, “A 10 or 15-degree night, you can do a lot!”

For more information about Hawksnest Tubing Park or to buy tickets for a day of tubing fun, visit https://hawksnesttubing.com/

Pictures from Thursday afternoon after serious snowmaking earlier in the week: