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Have you seen Galileo in Downtown Boone? Artist Jason Brown Finishes Mural on Side of Galileo’s Bar and Cafe

Jason Brown stands on a ladder to paint the mural on the side of Galileo’s Bar and Cafe on Saturday. Photo by Jesse Wood

By Jesse Wood

Sept. 9, 2012. Have you noticed Galileo in downtown Boone? He’s pointing towards the sky.

A month ago, Jason Brown began painting a mural on the side of Galileo’s Bar and Cafe. On Saturday, he was adding the finishing touches to the painting which features people dining inside a restaurant, swing dancing to live music and sitting on some bar stools. 

On the right side of the mural, Galileo, the scientist born in 1564, is sitting in a purple shirt with his feet hanging over a ledge of the restaurant and barroom floor while pointing to the sky.

Jason Brown, the artist painting the mural on the side of Galileo’s Bar and Cafe. Photo by Jesse Wood

Brown, who has been painting professionally for nearly six years and uses high-quality acrylic mural paint, hasn’t named the mural, yet. He mentioned that the title “Looking Up” is a possibility for the roughly 12 foot by 40 foot piece. 

Brown travels the country painting murals. Recently, co-owner of Galileo’s Bar and Cafe Anne Dixon saw one of his paintings in Asheville, and commissioned Brown to fill that “big blank canvas.”

Before Dixon was aware of Brown’s talents, she discussed plans of a mural with the Town of Boone staff, whom, she said, didn’t have a problem with the artwork as long as it didn’t advertise the businesses name and violate the billboard ordinance.   

“I thought something like that would be really cool to kind of welcome you to Boone,” Dixon said, adding that she is pleased at how well Brown captured the nightlife scene inside Galileo’s Bar and Cafe. 

Brown said the mural should be complete by the end of this weekend.

For more information about Brown, click to www.befreeartistry.com. For more information about Galileo’s Bar and Cafe, click to http://galileosboone.com.