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Harmony Lanes Remains Focused on Future Infrastructure Projects Around Boone

Harmony Lanes is an advocacy group in Boone that has been working hard to create safe, inclusive, multi-modal transportation opportunities in the area. Recently, there are two major infrastructure projects and one trail infrastructure the group helped create.

The first major infrastructure project involves the new sidewalks along Highway 194 and the HAWK crosswalk for the entrance of Hardin Park School, which will finally make the entrance to the school safe. There will be more construction on sidewalks this spring and summer, and the crosswalk is waiting on a right-of-way resolution which should come soon. Harmony Lanes is proud to soon make it easier and safer for kids and parents to access the school on foot or by bike.

The other major infrastructure project is the East Boone Connector, Boone’s first on street protected multi-modal path, which is on track to be built by the NCDOT as they re-engineer the Wilson Ridge Road and Bamboo Road corridor. Harmony Lanes is very proud to have created this crucial piece of infrastructure which will serve the diverse community trying to access services and businesses in the Brookshire Road area. This path will help Brookshire Road residents access the Boone Greenway in the future as well. Harmony Lanes has heard from excited families who will be able to let their kids bike to the high school, people trying to walk to the Hospitality House, and businesses like Hatchet Coffee and Center 45 who are tremendously excited about this project being built.  Land is being cleared now along this corridor to start the project. In 2-3 years, this protected path will be functional.

Harmony Lanes’s first trail type project is an expansion of the trails the group built a couple years ago for Hardin Park’s mountain biking program.  They now have a much longer loop behind the school for kids to ride, with more training features to come. 

Harmony Lanes’s major initiative moving forward is working with Boone Town Council to move the Cross Boone Connector forward, which is a multi-year project to connect the existing wonderful Boone Greenway to ASU campus and Downtown Boone by a protected multi-modal path.  Harmony Lanes also has several other projects the public will hear about this spring.  

All of these successes are a result of Harmony Lanes’s members’ support and help, from community events like trash pickups and trail work days where members directly volunteer, to these important annual memberships which gives the group the funds to advocate for and create better infrastructure. Harmony Lanes is an all-volunteer and very lean 501C3 non profit.  With no paid staff or office space or other large expenses, Harmony Lanes puts it all into getting infrastructure built. Please continue your support by clicking through to the membership link, as Harmony Lanes is approaching it’s April 1 membership renewal date. You can also learn more about Harmony Lanes on their Facebook group. Thank you for supporting Harmony Lanes!