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Happy New Year from the Horton Hotel in Downtown Boone with their 2nd Annual Ball Drop

From the Jones House in Downtown Boone you could easily see the New Year’s Ball positioned on top of the Horton Hotel.

The second annual ball drop at the Horton Hotel went off without a hitch on New Year’s Eve night in Downtown Boone. The weather turned out to be beautiful with 50-degree temps and a fuzzy huge moon shinning through the overcast night sky.

Due to North Carolina’s 9 p.m. curfew, the ball drop was moved to 8 p.m. “We’re doing what we can to celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of a new year within all the parameters,” said Denise Lovin, hotel co-owner. “We felt it was important to try as hard as we could to keep the tradition alive,” said Fulton Lovin, hotel co-owner.

Guests filled the rooftop bar area to help ring in the New Year and there were a number of folks standing across the street from the hotel in the Jones House lawn to watch the event.

A few minutes before 8:00, Fulton was in place to begin the ball drop. “This year I have a piece of tape to attach to the cable to help me better time the drop as I lower the ball,” said Fulton. “We’re not quite like Time Square yet were you just have to push a button!”

The tradition 10-9-8 countdown began and the crowd gave out a big cheer to welcome in 2021 – although a little bit early. But as someone commented, “Well, it just turned midnight somewhere and I’m certainly ready to be done with 2020!”

The Horton Hotel’s Rooftop Bar where guest were on hand for the ball drop.

Denise Lovin was on hand to greet guests and to keep track of capacity for social distance protocol.

Last year, Fulton engineered the deign by putting up some cables and pulleys to make the ball drop become a reality, and at its peak, the ball was 18 feet above the rooftop. The ball was covered all over in Christmas lights.
Guests enjoying the beautiful night on the rooftop.
An the countdown begins.

It was a festive mood and cheers went out as the ball touched down to welcome in 2021.