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Haircut 101 Hot Lips Competition: Hottest Lips in the High Country

Carly Painter of Haircut 101 holds the Hot Lip entries from this year.

Who has the hottest lips in the High Country? During the first few weeks in February, Haircut 101 invited the community to compete in their Hot Lips Competition. Competitors paid one dollar, and kissed a napkin. A variety of lipstick colors and styles were used in order to select the most outstanding kiss.

All proceeds were given to Oasis, which is a local charity that helps women and children escape abusive situations.

The competition judge was Ken Ketchie, of the High Country Press. The top three “hot lips” won prizes.

The winners of the Haircut 101 Hot Lips Competition:
First place was given to Thais Baez, who won a free haircut, blowdry and a $100 giftcard to Vidalia. In second place was Sara Crouch, who won a $100 giftcard to Haircut 101. And in third place was Yvonne Ziel, who won $50 in Davines products.

For more information about the Hot Lips competition, or Haircut 101, please contact Haircut 101 at (828) 262-3324.

For more information about Oasis, please visit their website at http://www.oasisinc.org/.