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Group Stands In Solidarity With March for Racial Justice, Black Women This Past Saturday


Small and Mighty Acts community group gathered on Saturday afternoon to stand in solidarity with the March for Racial Justice and March for Black Women in D.C. Photo by Miriam Martincic

A group gathered on the step of the Jones House for about an hour on Saturday afternoon to stand in solidarity with the March for Racial Justice (M4RJ) and the March for Black Women happening on the same day in Washington, D.C.

They held sign such as “No Human is Illegal,” “No Hate,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Racial Justice Solidarity” and more. The group held a call and response with words like justice, resist and Boone.

Shivonne Quintero, one of the organizers of Small and Mighty Acts, said that they timed this protest to coincide as the marchers in Washington, D.C., crossed in front of the Department of Justice.

Quintero said that this protest was held because of the following happening in the United States:

  • mass incarceration Black, Brown and Native lives
  • attacks on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer civil rights protections
    islamophobia and increased violence against Muslim communities 
  • the normalization of rape culture, violence against women, and infringement upon their rights to control their bodies, and the lack of equal pay for equal work, all overly impacting women of color
  • environmental violence—from the Native peoples at Standing Rock to the residents of Flint, Michigan
  • inhumane treatment of people with disabilities, of the working class and low-income by threatening and barring access to affordable healthcare
  • the criminalization of the poor and immigrants both undocumented and documented.
    anti-semitism and hate speech

Afterwards participants joined in a circle to share an upcoming action for racial justice.

To learn about these events, checkout the SAMA community calendar at www.smallandmightyacts.org, as well as join the Small and Mighty Acts Facebook page.