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Groovy Nights Opened on Aug. 10; Check Out Our Video and Catch the Action Aug. 15 in Blowing Rock

by Madison Fisler Lewis

Aug. 11, 2014. On Aug. 10, the Blowing Rock Community Foundation presented the premiere night of Groovy Nights at the Blowing Rock Country Club. For six years in a row, this event has provided entertainment, laughter and funds to benefit the Blowing Rock Community Foundation.

The Aug. 10 premiere signaled the first of three events this year, where 58 performers strutted their stuff in front of the crowd. This year features local faces performing acts like Barry Manilow, the Jackson 5, Beyonce, Rod Stewart and Tina Turner and many more.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the Aug. 10 show, be sure to check out our video to see what you missed. Then, be sure not to miss the upcoming productions on Aug. 15.

Check out who is performing this year. Don’t miss this opportunity to support (and laugh at!) your favorites.

  • Butch and Gina Triplett
  • Billy Barker
  • Ruth Ellen Weems
  • Jim Williams
  • Lynn Lawrence
  • Leigh Ann Byrd
  • Wendy Estes
  • Justin Lawrence
  • Jill Dixson
  • Meredith Clifton
  • Carole Cray
  • Malinda Summey
  • Walter Smith
  • Corinna Dietrich
  • Alyson Ebaugh
  • Christy Kennedy
  • Christy Pruess
  • Susan Shaw
  • Donna Lebert
  • Katie Masura
  • John Wems
  • Brantley Clifton
  • Jerry Starnes
  • Jessica Gregg
  • Barbara Linnville
  • Mike Tester
  • Carol Bolick
  • Billy Barker
  • David Hardwood
  • Kim Fox
  • Tracy Brown
  • Justin Lawrence
  • Nicole Barker
  • Katelyn Callahan
  • Tim Knight
  • Alton Russell
  • Gwen Dhing
  • Genie Starnes
  • Ray Pickett
  • Gina Harwood
  • Dough Matheson
  • Tom Shelley