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Greenway Baptist Church’s Live Nativity Scene Sponsored by Bethlehem and Beyond and Three Forks Baptist Association

By Madison Fisler Lewis


Dec. 8, 2014. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, Greenway Baptist Church hosted a live Nativity scene, put on by congregation youths, near U.S. 321 and U.S. 421 intersection. The event was sponsored by Bethlehem and Beyond of the Three Forks Baptist Association.

“This is part of the Bethlehem and Beyond Project, which is a collaborative effort of the Three Forks Baptist Association and it is actually the second year we have done the live nativity where we try to bring it to the public as opposed to the public coming to it,” said Max Smith, youth leader.

“We literally put the Live Nativity out beside U.S. 321 right across from Bojangles. The whole purpose is to keep a Christ-focused Christmas, and what we want to do is bring the good news to the community, so we bring the Nativity to the community.”

The event completed over the weekend, but in the future, Smith says that he hopes to see the idea grow.

“We would love to include more and expand it to a broader visual set,” said Smith. “We would love to include live animals. The ultimate goal would be for the Live Nativity to be the center of the High Country Christmas celebration from a Christian standpoint. There is so much that we can do: we can have live music, live choirs and all types of things for the community and we are working to try to get that off the ground.”

And as for this year’s event, the Nativity received a lot of positivity and support.

“The reaction from the community has been very positive,” Smith said. “Many people stopped and took pictures, watched or took video. People really liked it.”