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Gov. McCrory Signs 12 Bills Into Law

Governor Pat McCrory has signed the following bills into law:

H.B. 552 – A bill creating the criminal offence of graffiti vandalism.

H.B. 574 – A bill providing that no state or local statues, rules, regulations or ordinances related to wildlife apply to the Virginia opossum between December 29 and January 2 each year.

H.B. 222 – A bill providing for the initial election and subsequent retention election of justices of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

H.B. 291 – A bill giving the State Treasurer authority in the handling of unclaimed property determined to be of hazardous nature and providing guidance for the proper disposition of these materials on the part of financial organizations.

S.B. 112 – A bill urging all coastal community colleges to offer courses on commercial fishing and aquaculture.

H.B. 274 – A bill making minor and technical changes pertaining to the various retirement systems.

H.B. 691 – A bill making it a felony to commit certain types of assaults on a member of the North Carolina National Guard who is discharging or attempting to discharge official duties.

S.B. 597 – A bill repealing references to the ABCs program because the program is no longer being used.

H.B. 340 – A bill providing that burial services shall be conducted at all state veterans cemeteries every day of the week that is not a state or federal holiday.

H.B. 346 – A bill authorizing counties to adopt ordinances to abate unreasonable restrictions of the public’s right to use ocean beaches.

H.B. 352 ­– A bill increasing the protections for 911 and public safety telecommunicators by providing that in any civil action arising out of an act or omission pertaining to the defendant’s job duties at a public safety answering point the plaintiff’s burden of proof shall be clear and convincing evidence.

S.B. 315 – A bill authorizing local boards of education to make outdoor school property available to the public for recreational purposes.