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The Giving Tree: a Unique Opportunity for the Community to Give and Receive

The Giving Tree, located near the old JC Penny in the Boone Mall.


Each week members of the community meet at Unwound, the yarn shop in Blowing Rock, to crochet and knit items. Colleen Taber, owner of Unwound, and the crocheters were meeting one day and had an idea. What if their craft was used for those in need this holiday season? Taber told the group that she had an extra artificial Christmas tree. After the group brainstormed, the Giving Tree was born.

The Giving Tree is located in the Boone Mall, near the old JC Penny. The tree has been up since Nov. 15, and will remain in the Boone Mall until New Years. If there are any remaining items, they will be donated to a local shelter.

The concept of the Giving Tree is to provide community members with something warm over the holidays, or to alleviate some financial stress during this gifting season. The holidays can bring pressure to purchase the perfect gift for someone, and sometimes people cannot afford to give gifts. So, the Giving Tree was placed in the Boone Mall for those who may be in need but do not want to ask for help.

The items found on the Giving Tree include hats, blankets, scarves, gloves and shawls. The items are designated for males and females. Leggings are used as garland for the tree. There is no cost for the items and all are invited to take what they need. Maybe a certain hat would look amazing on your Grandma, and your financial situation is very stressful this year. Take what you need.

For those shopping during the holidays, you are all welcome to donate items for the tree. Simply purchase or make your item, and place it on the tree for others to enjoy. All are invited to take an item or to leave an item.

Taber stated that she was initially worried about finding others to support the Giving Tree idea. However, the community latched onto the idea, and is supporting the cause. “The best part about the Giving Tree is that it is simply something nice. There is no expectations of having to pay, and no expectations for a gift to be returned. The gifts are simply there for those in need, no matter what level of need an individual has,” stated Taber.  

Friends, if you or your loved ones are in need this Holiday season, the Giving Tree is here for you, without any expectations. Happy holidays!