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Get “Grillin’ and Chillin’” on June 26 with Sugar Mountain’s Concerts on the Deck for 3rd Season

By Hailey Blevins

The Sugar Mountain’s Concerts on the Deck mean a time for grillin’ and chillin’ on the deck at the Caddyshack Cafe. Enjoy the view from the mountain as you listen along to The King Bees (this Wednesday), the Rockabilly’s and the Smokin’ Joe Band at upcoming performances. 

The Caddyshack Cafe hosts the free Sugar Mountain Summer Concerts, giving the summer concerts the nickname “Grillin’ and Chillin’.” Each week features a different menu with the different bands. Meals may include from grilled hamburgers and hotdogs to roast pork loins to meatloaf. The meals are buffet style for $12 and include main meal, a side and a drink. Dinner is from 5:30-8:30 p.m. and the bands play from 6-9 p.m.

Shelly Lane, General Manager of Sugar Mountain Food Service, commented on the meals, “Keith used to be the chef of Blowing Rock Country Club, so our meals are all made from scratch, and it’s a different meal each week. As a matter of fact, right now we’re smoking pork butts for tomorrow. Keith is famous for his meatloaf and lasagna. And we do roasted pork loins.”

The deck was expanded by 700 feet last year for the concert series, so there’s plenty of room to get up and dance along with the music after finishing your meal. Everyone is sure to be grinning and having a good time while listening to the live music. 

The deck features a view of the mountains in the background that makes the concerts just that much more memorable. Susan Philips, Sugar Mountain’s Village Manager, says “It’s beautiful. I call that our million dollar view right there on the deck.”

Sugar Mountain’s Summer Concerts is only on its third season, but is already looking toward further expansion and the crowds continue to grow according to Lane, “The TDA expanded my deck by 750 feet, and now we need a bigger deck. I definitely need another 750 feet easily. It’s a good group, a dancing group. Everyone meets and everyone dances!”

The concerts bring a unique atmosphere that brings everyone together for dancing and fellowship. Even the bands have noticed this, according to Philips, “The bands love the crowd we have; they’ll say they go other places and don’t get the same responses.”

Half of the deck where the performances take place is covered by an awning, and Sugar Mountain has purchased tents for the remaining half in case any of the concerts bring rain with them. 

Lane says that the rain often doesn’t deter many of the concertgoers or herself, “It’s rain or shine. We’ve got one tent and have purchased two more. If there’s people sitting out in the rain, I’ll go out in the rain and get soaking wet to remind everyone that back when we were young we used to like playing in the rain. Once I get soaking wet, they’ll come out too.”

The concerts will move inside in case of extreme winds or storms. For those who prefer to sit indoors anyway, the restaurant’s windows will be open at each concert so everyone in the restaurant can enjoy the music!

Sugar Mountain encourages everyone to attend and bring their children along. “We have an outdoor ping pong table and cornhole, so there’s plenty to do. It’s a safe place to bring children. They can play out in the yard without worry. There’s people of all ages here,” says Lane.

Stop by Sugar Mountain’s Summer Concerts on the Deck on Wednesdays for an evening of delightful music and entertainment. Make a day of your visit with a round of golf on Sugar Mountain’s public golf course.

“A lot of people didn’t know we were a public golf course and tennis court, so people come to this and realize it’s a beautiful view and they can actually play here, so it really benefits us,” says Lane. “Thanks to the TDA for sponsoring us!”

Philips also commented on the impact the concerts have had on Sugar Mountain, “It’s been a great thing for the Village. It’s nice to see the turnout we’re getting. This is the third year we’ve had the events, and it adds so much to our summer season up here. We started the first summer I was here, and it’s just been very exciting to see how it’s grown and everybody enjoying it.

She also looks forward to watching as the concert series continues to grow, saying, “We welcome everybody, not just those from Sugar Mountain. We hope everybody in the High Country will join us for a good time!”

The Caddyshack Cafe is located in the Sugar Mountain Golf Pro Shop at 1054 Sugar Mountain Dr. For more information, please call 828-898-1025 or visit https://seesugar.com/summer-concerts/.

Remaining Schedule:

June 26 The King Bees

July 3 Rockabilly’s

July 10 Smokin’ Joe Band

July 17 Typical Mountain Boys

July 24 The Collective

July 31 Shelby Rae Moore 

August 7 Foscoe Four

August 14 Smokin’ Joe Band

August 28 The Collective

September 2 Rockabilly’s