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Gas Prices Rice Ahead of Easter Weekend

Carolinians traveling this Easter weekend will see higher prices at the pump than last year. The national average is at its highest price this year, led by the switch over to more expensive summer-blend gasoline and increased driving demand.

North Carolina’s average price of gas is currently $2.30, 40 cents higher than the average a year ago. Asheville is paying the highest average price in the state at $2.33, while Wilmington is seeing the lowest average price at $2.25.  

South Carolinians are paying the cheapest at the pump, with a current average of $2.13. Despite being the lowest average in the country, residents of the Palmetto State are still paying 27 cents more compared to last year. Charleston is paying the highest average price in the state at $2.18, with the Upstate area paying the lowest price at $2.10.  

“As we head into the summer driving season, gas prices will continue to be a major factor for motorists,” said AAA Carolinas President and CEO Dave Parsons. “We can’t predict how high prices will rise before they level off, because that will largely depend on the amount of travelers we will see driving to their vacation destinations. The demand will dictate the prices we’ll pay at gas stations throughout the Carolinas in the upcoming weeks.” 

Motorists looking for ways to conserve gasoline while traveling should keep the following tips in mind:

Monitor driving behavior, follow the speed limit and avoid accelerating or decelerating quickly. For every five miles per hour over 65 mph, gasoline efficiency decreases 10%.

Make sure tires are properly inflated to maximize fuel economy. See your owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.

Keep vehicles properly maintained, including scheduled oil changes and air filter replacements.

Avoid excess weight in your vehicle. When vacationing, try to avoid strapping luggage on the roof where it causes drag and reduces fuel economy.

Whenever possible, consolidate trips.

To estimate fuel costs, travelers can go to www.fuelcostcalculator.com to input starting city, destination, and the make and model of their car.

The free AAA Mobile app for iPhone and Android devices uses GPS navigation to help travelers map a route, find updated gas prices, view nearby member discounts and access AAA roadside assistance.

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