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Gas Prices Drop as Travel Slows and Oil Demand Decreases Around the World; Regular Gasoline Drops Below $2 Per Gallon in Boone

By Nathan Ham

Gas prices in the High Country and the rest of the United States have dropped steadily over the past few weeks after government officials have recommended social distancing and limiting unnecessary travel.

According to the GasBuddy traveling app, the lowest price reported in Boone was $1.96 at Gastown located on Hardin Street. Several places in Boone including both Speedway locations on Highway 421 and the Speedway location on Blowing Rock Road, Circle K on Blowing Rock Road and the Carolina Petro on Blowing Rock Road all reported a price of $2.01 per gallon.

In neighboring West Jefferson, gas prices haven’t quite fallen down to $2 just yet but are getting closer. Ingles reported a gas price of $2.03 per gallon while BP was $2.06, Murphy USA was $2.07 and Quality Plus was $2.09.

In Avery County, prices in Newland are higher than both Boone and West Jefferson. The Exxon on Cranberry Street reported a price of $2.13 a gallon for regular. The Citgo on Pineola Street and the Valero on Linville Street both have prices of $2.15 per gallon.

The average price of fuel in North Carolina is $2.01 per gallon. The lowest reported price in North Carolina is for Sam’s Club members in Greensboro where they can get regular gasoline for $1.58 per gallon. At the Exxon in Wake Forest, gas can be purchased for $1.63 per gallon.

Right now, 16 states across the country have an average gas price per gallon below $2, led by Oklahoma where the average price for a gallon of regular fuel is $1.78 a gallon. Ohio, Texas, and Mississippi all have an average price of $1.89 per gallon. South Carolina and Indiana are at $1.90 per gallon while Kentucky is at $1.92 per gallon. Wisconsin, Kansas, and Michigan are averaging $1.94 per gallon; Arkansas, Louisiana, Alabama, and Missouri are all right at $1.95 per gallon. Tennessee at $1.96 per gallon and Iowa at $1.98 per gallon are the final two states below the $2 average.

Hawaii and California still have the highest gas prices in the country. The average price for a gallon of fuel in Hawaii is $3.44 and in California, it is $3.27, still well below their normal averages.