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Gas Prices Decline 40 Cents Since Memorial Day Weekend, Local Prices in the $3.30 Range Friday


By Jesse Wood

Aug. 22, 2014. Gas prices have dropped about 42 cents since Memorial Day, when Boone had the highest average in the state at $3.71, according to a release from AAA Carolinas back in May.

The prices on Memorial Day weekend represented a three-year high. In the months following that holiday, prices have come down into the $3.30 range this week.

Today, the lowest price reported at GasBuddy.com was $3.31 at a Wilco Hess on Blowing Rock Road and a Wilco Hess in Blowing Rock. A gas station in West Jefferson had the lowest price in the region at $3.24.

See a list of gas prices reported on Friday afternoon:

Gas Prices