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Gas Prices Continue To Decline With Local Stations Selling as Low as $2.49, Prices Vary Considerably in Boone

Depending on what gas station you pump at, you could be paying anywhere from less than $2.50 to more than $2.70. Photo by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

Dec. 16, 2014. Drivers continue to save money at the pump as gas prices fall further.

Since May, crude oil and correspondingly gas prices have been in a downward spiral. In May, the price per gallon peaked this year at about $3.70 in North Carolina. Today a gallon of gas is hovering around $2.50, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

The $1.20 difference in prices over the past several months amounts, to paying, for example, $14 to $15 less to fill up your 12-gallon tank or $21 to $22 less to fill up your $18-gallon tank today than it did in May.

The national average is $2.53 for regular gas and that compares to $2.54 for the state average. While prices aren’t as low as South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama and Louisiana, for example, which sit in a range of $2.22 to $2.38 per gallon, they also aren’t as high as New York, Pennsylvania, California, Washington and Oregon, which range from $2.74 to $3.69 per gallon.

Just like the rest of the country as a whole, gas prices in Boone vary considerably. The latest figures from online trackers (see image below) show that prices in Boone vary from under $2.50 to more than $2.70.

Yesterday, AAA tweeted that the “most common gas price in the country is $2.399 per gallon.”

AAA also noted that more than 12 states featured some gas stations that were selling gas for less than $2 per gallon.

While individual drivers of typical vehicles are saving between $15 to fill up a 12-gallon tank and $20 to fill up an 18-gallon tank at each refill, AAA estimated that drivers across the national are saving a total of $400 million each day compared to the peak prices earlier this year.

Below are prices tracked by www.northcarolinagasprices.com.