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Gas Prices Continue To Climb Across US

Gas prices continue to climb in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, which caused several refineries in Texas to shutdown and others to operate on a limited basis, and AAA reports that the “prospects of Hurricane Irma may impact prices as well.”

In about two weeks time, the national gas price average has increased by 30 cents from about $2.37 to $2.67 as of Thursday afternoon. Last week, a gallon was selling in the $2.40’s range. AAA notes that the average price in North Carolina is $2.64 per gallon Thursday.

According to North Carolina Gas Prices, a gas price tracker based on crowdsourcing, Phil’s off of Howard Street is selling a low of $2.45 per gallon, while several other gas stations are selling gas at $2.65. The Carolina Petro is selling for $2.75 per gallon.