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From the Mayor’s Desk: Updates on Town Projects and Blowing Rock TDA Occupancy Tax Report

Note: Blowing Rock Mayor Charlie Sellers will be providing the High Country Press with news and updates on projects in Blowing Rock. This week, Mayor Sellers shared updates on the Sunset Drive Project, Bass Lake Sidewalk Project, Valley Boulevard landscape plantings and money collected through the Blowing Rock TDA Occupancy Tax. 

Sunset Drive Project
Next week (11/4-11/8) the remaining sections of concrete work will be completed. This work will conclude the sidewalks, curbing, and gutter. On Tuesday the sod will be delivered for the landscaping areas and later in the week, weather permitting, the trees and plantings will be delivered. Street signs are scheduled to be installed throughout the week along with some additional smoothing and filling in work. Maymead is scheduled to begin milling the week of November 11th, with paving to begin immediately following the week of November the 18th. We continue to work on schedule and within project completion dates. 
Bass Lake Sidewalk Project
This past Thursday the 31st, we held a public bid opening for the Bass Lake Sidewalk Project. Unfortunately, we only received two bids. For compliance purposes, we must receive either three or more bids or re-advertise one more time. Under DOT and EFLAP Grant compliance, we will re-advertise for an additional three weeks with the next and last bid opening scheduled for November 21st. This will satisfy the bidding requirement. Once bids are received, staff will advise the Council of the results and recommendations either at a Special Council Meeting or in December. 
321/Valley Blvd. Plantings
This week saw the continuation of plantings along Valley Blvd. Most of this week, weather permitting, was spent on South Valley Blvd. on the wall side and within the median. Town staff, along with Piedmont and DOT, continue to work diligently together during this process. Town landscaping staff have been fantastic in providing assistance with location, species, and selection. 
Moody’s Furniture 
This week, the property owner received permission from town staff to proceed with the exterior work within the CUP agreement. Plans and engineering are within the CUP guidelines. Work is scheduled to begin next week on the exterior of the property. The property owner will be regulated to stay within the approved CUP details. 
TDA/Occupancy Tax Update
Our Occupancy Tax numbers for September are complete. September 2019 saw all-time September record collections of $119k. This is compared to $94k in 2018, an increase of 26%. Year to date we have collected $415k through the first quarter compared to $367k in 2018, an increase of 13.3%. We continue to see great crowds within the town. 
Town and County meetings
This week I had the privilege to meet with the Town of Boone and Watauga County Managers on both Wednesday and Friday to discuss ongoing related topics. This time was very well spent and included very productive dialogue. Our Town, along with Boone and the County, will continue to work together to hopefully accomplish some great things going forward. On Thursday, the HCCOG in Boone held a Northwestern NC Managers meeting. This meeting included a legislative and legal update with the League of Municipalities along with a round table discussion of topics and projects within each community. 
Appointments to Boards in our Town
The Blowing Rock Town Council will soon be considering appointments to the Planning Board, the Board of Adjustment, the Tourism Development Authority, the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and the Blowing Rock Appearance Advisory Commission. Each of these boards has an essential role in preserving and protecting the quality and character of our community.
Please contact Hilari Hubner at town hall 828-295-5200, the deadline to submit an application is Monday, January 6, 2020. 

Election Day is November 5

Ladies and Gentlemen of our fine town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina, Tuesday, November 5 is election Time.

We all need to get out and vote on November 5, your vote is important, it is about our town and our community. The polls are located at town hall on Main Street and the poles are open from 6:30 am till 7:00 pm.

If you require assistance contact Blowing Rock Town Offices at 828 295 5200 or ask an attendant at the polls.

Veterans Day November 11

Please make it a point to thank those that have served our country on their day November 11, 2019. We enjoy what we have because of these special peoples’ devotion to our country.