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From the Desk of ACS Superintendent David Burleson: Teacher/Employee Appreciation Week

From the Desk of ACS Supt. David Burleson

May 12, 2014. Avery County Schools just completed Teacher/Employee Appreciation Week.  I want to personally thank each of our Avery County School’s educators for the great job they do and for making a difference is the lives of children.  To be called an educator is the most significant calling that anyone can have.  An educator makes a difference in the life of a child. Our vocation is one of the most important in the world because the future is shaped everyday in the classrooms of our schools.

Supt. Burleson
Supt. Burleson

I want to commend all of our staff for their hard work, their dedication, and their willingness to understand the seriousness of their chosen profession.  The children who walk into the our schools every day are our most precious resource and the future of our country. Personally, I feel that our young people are in wonderful, caring hands because of the quality of employee ACS hires.

Often, society labels a hero as an outstanding athlete, or those identified as rich and famous in television, movies or magazines. Many times individuals who make great discoveries or write wonderful pieces of literature are consider as an outstanding citizens.  But we must stop and ask the question, “How did the athlete, movie star, politician, scientist, musician or artist get to be where they are?”  The answer is very simple.  It’s because of the true heroes of this world;   educators.  Without educators (and parents) not a single one of the people mentioned above would be where they are today.

As we draw near to the close of another school year, my hope and prayer is that of our staff can look back over the course of the year and see how special they have been to a child. I will repeat myself with conviction, “What you do each day in the calssroom matters!” As educators we have the wonderful opportunity to recognize the impact we make in a child’s life and the contribution we make to their well-being.  Together, with parents, we can ensure that our students in Avery County become heros one day.  Thanks again to  each of our staff and community for making the Avery County Schools a special place for our students.

Sincerely yours,

David Burleson