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From Desk of ACS Supt. David Burleson, Parent/Teacher Conference Day Designated for Tuesday, Nov. 12

Supt. Burleson
Supt. Burleson

To The Editor,

It’s hard to believe that more than a fourth of the school year has passed and it’s time to send our student’s first report cards home. Student progress and evaluation are very important to us because it is the means of ensuring student success. With the distribution of report cards, ACS will provide opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss student progress. The parent/teacher conference day is designated for Tuesday, November 12 between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.  Please contact your school to schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher. I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of the conference day so that we can work together to provide the best education possible for each child.  These conferences establish the line of communication important to your child’s educational plan.

When preparing for a parent/teacher conference, I would make the following recommendations to the parents:

Talk to your child. 

  •    ASK WHICH subjects your child likes best and least.
  •    FIND OUT why.
  •    ASK WHAT your child would like to discuss.

Think about your own questions or concerns.

  •    MAKE A LIST of the questions or concerns before the conference.
  •    LIST INFORMATION you want the teacher to know about your child.
  •    INCLUDE QUESTIONS about school programs or policies. (Ask the most important questions first.

How well does my child get along with others?

Is my child working up to his or her ability?

Does my child participate in class discussions and activities?

Has my child missed any classes other than the ones I contacted the school about?

Has my child been tardy to school?

Have you noticed any sudden changes in the way my child acts?  For example, have you noticed any squinting, tiredness, or moodiness that might be a sign of physical or other problems?

Ask your most important questions first, just in case time runs out before you and the teacher have a chance to discuss them all.

Be sure to ask the teacher for specific suggestions on ways to help your child do better.  This is the most important part of the meeting.  It will become your action plan.

If the teacher says something you don’t quite understand, don’t be shy about asking for an explanation.

It’s a good idea to end the conference by summing up decisions you’ve made together.  If needed, ask to meet again. 

In addition, middle and high school students and parents have an open line of communication through the Learner Management System, Haiku.  Haiku allows teachers to share assignments and feedback with students and parents. Instantaneous information is constantly available for student progress and evaluation.  Haiku allows students to download assignments so there are no Internet barriers outside of the classroom 

One of the best tools a teacher or parent possesses is the ability to communicate with each other openly and honestly.  We commit to be open and honest to move our students forward in education and life. Each citizen in our community is a vital link in Avery’s educational system that is preparing students for lifelong learning, productive citizenship, and happiness. To educate children to their fullest potential, there must be a collaborative effort between the home, the school, and the community.  When these three partners cooperate, students are the ultimate benefactors.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your school superintendent and look forward to hearing from you in the future. 


David Burleson

Nov. 5, 2013