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From 30 to 80 Degrees in What Feels Like 30 Seconds, Late Afternoon Thunderstorms Arrive Thursday

By Jesse Wood

April 10, 2013. What happened to spring, and why doesn’t my air conditioner work? In what feels like 30 seconds, it went from a snow squall with below freezing temperatures to nearly 80 degrees.

Photo by Jesse Wood
Photo by Jesse Wood

But David Still, a meteorologist at the Boone office of Ray’s Weather, assures us that the High Country will have what the region is known for – four seasons.

“We’re not going to summer,” Still said. “Three warm days doesn’t count as skipping spring.”

He said the High Country will have a “pretty classic spring storm” beginning Thursday night and through Friday morning, dropping the high temperatures into the high 50s.

Right now, he said, a snowstorm is raging through the Upper Midwest and Northern Plains and severe weather is happening in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, heading towards Tennessee.

While Still added that this is tad bit warm for April, he said the temperatures are rising ahead of the thunderstorms and will fall back down to about normal. Saturday will also have highs in the high 50s.