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The Friends of the Library Used Book Sale is Taking Place Now in the Boone Mall Through Saturday

The annual Friends of the Library Used Book Sale takes donated books from the community and sells them at the Boone Mall to raise money for the public library.

The annual Friends of the Library Used Book Sale is taking place right now in the Boone Mall. In previous years, the book sale has taken place in the open in the Boone Mall. However, this year it is held in the space that was formerly known as Maurice’s, which allows for better organization and more space, so keep an eye out so that you don’t miss it!

All proceeds go towards benefitting the Friends of the Library, which helps to fund library programs throughout the year to benefit and educate our community in a variety of different ways. The library offers author talks, film screenings, educational classes and so much more for the members of the community, and without them, we would be missing out on a lot of opportunities!

The Friends of the Library is an organization that was formed in 1974 to engage the public in the use and support of the public library. Along with this, it was also formed in order to help fundraise to continue programs that are not government-funded. For over forty years, the Friends of the Library has worked tirelessly to keep the library as updated, functional and enjoyable as possible for those in the community. 

The used book sale offers books of every kind that you can imagine, hardback and paperback. There are also CDs and DVDs available for purchase. Everything is organized by genre on long tables throughout the space to make finding what you’re looking for as easy as possible. Bags and boxes will be provided for larger book sales, but it is encouraged to bring your own reusable bags. 

The book sale opened yesterday for Friends members, but it is open today from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. to the public, so don’t miss it and stop on by to find the perfect book to get to know!

The books are organized by genre and hardcover/paperback in order to make finding the right books easy for the customers.
Since the Used Book Sale moved into the space previously known as Maurice’s, there is a lot more space and a lot more organization.
Everyone can find the perfect book at the Friends of the Library Used Book Sale!