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Foxx, Meadows Respond to Obama’s SOTU

Foxx Responds to Obama’s Final State of the Union Address

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., tonight issued the following response regarding President Obama’s final State of the Union address:


“For the past seven years, President Obama has given us 47,625 words of meaningless promises. Tonight’s State of the Union address was more of the same empty words.

“President Obama has never adequately focused on what really matters in this country – keeping America safe and defending our cherished freedoms. Instead he wants to maintain the status quo and continues to promote top-down, one-size-fits-all federal dictates that stymie economic growth. It’s clear he doesn’t understand the solutions that will get our nation back on track begin with the American people, not Washington bureaucrats.

“President Obama promised hope and change, but his failed agenda has brought the wrong kind of change and many North Carolinians are losing hope. Fortunately, Republicans are committed to restoring confidence in America and empowering her people to make their own decisions and pursue their own dreams.”


U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx represents North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District and is the elected Republican Conference Secretary. Dr. Foxx is the chair of the House Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Higher Education and serves as Vice Chair of the House Rules Committee.

Rep. Meadows’ Response to Obama’s Final State of the Union Speech

Washington, D.C.— President Barack Obama delivered the final State of the Union speech of his presidency on Tuesday night, hours after the Pentagon confirmed that Iran apprehended a U.S. Navy boat and is detaining 10 American sailors. Rep. Mark Meadows, a Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement:


“What an unfortunate juxtaposition for the President: as he took to the podium to defend his Iran nuclear deal and other foreign policy initiatives, American sailors were being detained in Iran. Make no mistake, the signing of the Iran Deal has only been emboldened the Iranian regime and Tehran grows increasingly more hostile to the West by the day.  Let us not forget that in addition to these sailors being held, four innocent Americans have remained imprisoned in Iran for years.

The world is becoming a more dangerous place because of the Obama Administration’s failed foreign policy that fundamentally misunderstands America’s enemies.  At nearly every turn, the President has unilaterally made foreign policy decisions that baffle the American people. From failing to temporarily halt Syrian refugees from being admitted into the U.S. until we improve our vetting system, to bypassing Congress and unlawfully initiating the transfer of Guantanamo detainees, the American people are perplexed by the Obama foreign policy.

More than a year into the conflict with ISIS, the U.S. is engaging in anemic airstrikes with no clear strategy, creating a vacuum for Russian leadership in a conflict that demands American leadership. There’s no such thing as a lame duck President in times of war—and that is precisely what the United States is engaged in with ISIS. The President must fundamentally alter his foreign policy—and quickly—or there will be repercussions for decades to come.

After 7 years in office, it’s time President Obama try a new strategy: working with Congress to address these critical issues for the American people.”