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Foscoe Christian Church Re-Build Moving Along

The construction of the new Foscoe Christian Church is moving along. The church burned down in 2013 after a furnace malfunctioned. Photos by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

Jack Ballard Church Builders and volunteers are making progress on the new Foscoe Christian Church as the 12,000-square-foot building off N.C. 105 is now framed.

The Foscoe Christian Church burned down on a bitter-cold night three years ago. The church caught fire after a furnace malfunctioned. Last summer, the totaled structure was demolished. After the site was prepped and the foundation was ready to go, Jack Ballard Church Builders arrived in May to begin framing the building.  

An aerial view of the Fosce Christian Church rebuild. Photo courtesy Foscoe Christian Church Facebook page

Though the fire, of course, wasn’t ideal, the rebuild has allowed for the congregation to re-envision the church space. This building is 2,000 feet bigger than the old church and will feature easier access and accommodate more activities. Unlike the previous space, all of the church-related interior space, such as offices that were in a separate building, will now be under one roof. There is also more room for the worship area, fellowship hall and Sunday school classrooms. 

Earlier this spring, Foscoe Christian Church member and spokesman Chris Calloway told High Country Press’ Faith Magazine that $175,000 for the rebuild had been raised. This is in addition to a $600,000 insurance settlement. An early rough estimate pegs the cost to be somewhere between $1.2 to $1.5 million. 

“We are going to forge ahead and trust that God will provide it,” Calloway said. 

The 90-year-old congregation has been meeting in the old Shelter Rock Building in Foscoe since the fire. Calloway noted that church members were certainly excited to see progress and eventually return home. 

“You know, waiting as long as we’ve waited, of course, everybody is excited and looking forward to getting back on the highway,” he said. “The church has always been such a big part of the heart of Foscoe. To not be there has been really strange. It’s going to be good for us to get back down there.” 

Foscoe Christian Church is accepting donations to help their rebuilding efforts. For more information about the church and giving, click here.

See floor and site plans and photos of construction below:

Preliminary floor plan


Preliminary site plan

Workers with Jack Ballard Church Builders and volunteer congregation members like Henry Vaugh (far right) build the walls to the church one cloudy day. Photo courtesy Foscoe Christian Church’s Facebook page