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Former Newland Town Clerk Embezzlement Case Continued Until December

By Tim Gardner

The court case of a former Newland Town Clerk charged with embezzlement has been continued by a Superior Court Judge.

Priscilla Ann Trivette of Roan Mountain, TN, appeared in Avery County Court, Monday, October 30 on a felony charge of embezzlement by a public official. The only proceeding concerning Trivette’s case then was it being continued to December 11 by order of Judge Susan E. Bray.

A continuance is the adjournment or postponement of an action pending in a court to a later date of the same or another session of the court. It is sometimes granted by a court in response to a motion made by the prosecution or the defendant. However, the court also can order a continuance of its own accord. There are various reasons for a continuance, including to allow more preparation time for court and for emergency or unusual circumstances.

According to court records, Trivette was arrested and charged with felony embezzlement by a public official after a financial audit revealed some $25,000 was missing from the town’s funds. Newland town officials turned the matter over to the District Attorney’s office for investigation when the funds were discovered missing. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation also assisted with the probe.

An Avery County Grand Jury issued a true bill of indictment against Trivette on February 13.

Trivette resigned as town clerk in August 2016. She also had temporarily served as the town’s finance officer/administrator after former town administrator Joleta Wise was fired by the Newland Board of Aldermen in July 2016.

Under North Carolina law, if Trivette is found guilty of the charge by a trial jury, she could receive a prison sentence of more than two years as well as large monetary fines. But Trivette also could be found not guilty by a jury if the case goes to trial or the case could be dismissed by a judge for various reasons.

Trivette is being represented by Boone attorney Britt Springer.