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Footsloggers in Boone is Closed, Owner of Building Says New Retail Operation Lined Up

This sign adorns the front door of Footsloggers. Photos by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

Footsloggers is no longer operating in downtown Boone.

imgresOn Tuesday morning, passersby began noticing a sign on the entrance that stated the building is under a new lease. Footsloggers owner Jason Berry didn’t respond to requests for comment on Tuesday morning.

In 2012, Berry purchased Footsloggers from Hanes Boren, who co-founded the outdoor outfitter in the ‘70s. Boren, however, still owns the Footsloggers building at 139 Depot Street in downtown Boone.

Boren said that Berry was behind on rent and that the “handwriting was on the wall.”

“It’s unfortunate and I wish him the best. I really do,” Boren said. “But my life is built around getting that rent every month and it wasn’t happening.”

Boren said that a lease has already been signed for the building. Boren said that he’s already lined up a tenant for another retail store.

“I can’t say what kind yet,” Boren said.

Rock Dimensions operates the climbing tower on the property. The sign on the front door said that Rock Dimensions will continue to operate and Boren said as much.

“As it stands, right now, they will be able to stay,” Boren said.

The Footsloggers in Blowing Rock is currently open.

“We are owned separately – have been since 2016. No, we are not closing. We are open for business,” Blowing Rock Footsloggers manager Brian Baldwin said on Tuesday.