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Floridian Charged with Making Meth After Starting Fire in Green’s Motel Friday, Detained With 100K Bond

By Mark S. Kenna

Aug. 28, 2103. Boone Police Department arrested a Floridian male Friday afternoon, charging him with possession of precursor and manufacturing methamphetamine, according to a police report.

Boone Fire Department received a fire call from Green’s Motel off 1377 Blowing Rock Road at 10:10 a.m on Friday. By the time Boone Fire Department arrived on the scene, the fire was basically extinguished, Capt. John Teague of the Boone Fire Department said. 

Anthony Van Foster, 47, was charged Aug. 23 with possession of precursor and manufacturing methamphetamine. Photo courtesy of Boone Police Department

Teague added that the fire was caused by someone discarding items that were used for the illegal manufacturing of meth into a waste basket in room 139.

Daniel Duckworth, narcotics detective for the Boone Police Department, arrived on the scene at Green’s Motel around 12 p.m., Duckworth said. Once there he said he noticed the suspect Anthony Van Foster, 47, was in the process of moving items from the room 139 to room 143.

After conversing with Foster, Duckworth asked if he could search the suspect’s car, which was parked in front of room 143, Duckworth said. Before searching the vehicle, Foster told Duckworth that a “one pot [shake and bake] lab,” was in a toolbox in his car, Duckworth said.

Upon his search of the vehicle, Duckworth found: muratic acid also known as hydrochloric acid – which is used in the process of manufacturing methamphetamine – lithium batteries, instant ice compress, charcoal lighter fluid and a monkey flask (a synthetic urine), Duckworth said.

Duckworth said he also found a 20 oz.  plastic bottle that was filled with a white substance with a clear liquid on top.

Duckworth then contacted the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) to have the items processed and obtained a search warrant from the superior court judge for rooms 139, 143 and Foster’s vehicle, Duckworth said.

Boone Police Department then transferred Foster to the police station.  He was then interviewed by Kat Brackenridge, general investigator for the Boone Police Departemnt, and Wade Colvard, special investigator for SBI, Duckworth said.

Foster, of 11794 176 St., McAlpine, Fla., was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possession of precursor chemicals (lithium, ammonium nitrate, pseudoephedrine and lighter fluid). He was held in Watauga County Detention Center with a secured bond of $100,000 and is scheduled to appear in court on Sept 19.