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First Snow Comes to the High Country with a Dusting at Higher Elevations

Houses in the higher elevations of the Village of Sugar Mountain had roofs covered in snow.

By Nathan Ham

Snowflakes fell across the High Country early on Thursday morning with areas around 4,500 to 5,000 feet like Grandfather Mountain and Sugar Mountain receiving a light coating of snow on cars, trees and grass.

A few snowflakes fell at the lower elevations around Boone but nothing stuck to the surfaces quite like it did at higher elevations.

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort took advantage of the cold temperatures to test out some of their new snowmaking equipment to prepare for the upcoming ski season. No opening date has been determined as of yet for Sugar Mountain. Appalachian Ski Mountain is planning on opening on November 19 and Beech Mountain is planning on opening on November 20.

Temperatures will remain below freezing for the next two nights, according to the latest weather forecast from Ray’s Weather Center. Highs return to the 50s this weekend and even into the lower to mid-60s in the early portion of next week. Clouds leave the area Thursday night and the sun will be shining brightly over the next few days, shaping up for a beautiful fall weekend in the High Country.

Fall and winter were both on display Thursday across Watauga and Avery counties.
The road leading into Grandfather Mountain State Park.
Grouse Moor Road leads to Sugar Top with an elevation of around 5000 feet.
Even some cars had snow on them driving down from the higher elevations.
Sugar Mountain Resort was testing their snow guns Thursday morning with temperatures below freezing