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First New Lottery Draw Game in Four Years Starts in September, Win All or Nothing’s $250K Top Prize

Aug. 12, 2014. North Carolinians who enjoy trying their luck with lottery drawings will soon get the chance to play a new draw game called All or Nothing that will offer chances twice a day to win a top prize of $250,000.

The new $2 game is scheduled to begin on Sunday, Sept. 7. The game, which will only be played in North Carolina, is the first new draw game that the Education Lottery has offered in four years.

“If you’re someone who feels like they never get any of the numbers when you play the lottery, then this is the game for you,” said Alice Garland, executive director of the Education Lottery. “With this game, if you match all the numbers you win $250,000 and if you don’t match any of the numbers you win $250,000. Either way wins.”

All Or Nothing will become the sixth draw game offered by the lottery. Players pick their own 12 lucky numbers or do a “Quick Pick” by letting the lottery terminal choose the 12 numbers. Drawings will be held daily at 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Both ticket sales and drawings will begin on Sept. 7. Players will be able to see the drawing or get the results on the NCEL’s website.

“The new game will help the lottery reach a goal of raising $520 million for education programs this year,” said Garland. “All successful businesses offer new products from time to time. We hope the ‘either way wins’ theme of this game will appeal to both regular and new lottery players.”

The new game offers 10 ways to win and prizes that begin at $2 and go to $250,000. The odds of a $2 win will be one in 5.5 and the odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 1.35 million. Players who match 1 of the 12 numbers or 11 of the 12 numbers will win $500. The odds of a $500 win are 1 in 9,390.

Currently, North Carolinians can play either of the two national jackpot games, Powerball or Mega Millions, or one of three North Carolina games – Carolina Pick 3, Carolina Pick 4, and Carolina Cash 5. The Mega Millions game, the most recent draw game to be introduced, started in January 2010

Ticket sales for draw games have helped the lottery raise more than $3.4 billion for the state. For details on how lottery funds make a difference, click on the “Where the Money Goes” tab on the lottery’s website.