1000 x 90

Fireworks of a Natural Kind

“Fireworks of a natural kind (also quieter) blazed for brief moments the morning of July 1st a little before 7:00am in a colorful sunrise over Boone’s Rich Mountain, just beside Howard’s Knob. The show faded fast into grey thought as clouds rolled in. By afternoon the sky cleared so I had another look at the giant, recent Sunspot and how it appeared to have moved across the Sun’s surface. Plus many more smaller spots were also visible from earlier in the week. On average, the sun rotates on its axis once every 27 days so its Earth Facing side changes. Interesting how Sun’s 27 Day rotational period is kind of close to the 29 Days it takes Ms. Moon to sail around Ma Earth.” – Todd Bush

Special thanks to Todd Bush, contributing photographer for High Country Press and High Country Magazine.