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Finally Blue Skies! Weekend Weather Should Be Relatively Great Compared To Past Week of Torrential Rains

Blue skies are a sight for sore eyes after a full week of rain. This entire weekend should be fairly awesome. Photo by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

Oct. 17, 2014. This might be the weekend to get outdoors for a nice adventure or complete some outdoor projects around the house before the weather turns. 

After a full week of rain, residents and visitors of the High Country will be looking at blue skies at least through Sunday, and like always RaysWeather.com called it earlier this week.

The high for today is 69 with Saturday and Sunday seeing a high of 56 and 59. Saturday will be a bit cloudy, and RaysWeather.com isn’t ruling out some spotty showers. Sunday is mostly sunny.

All in all, though, after the last week of torrential rains and cloudy weather, this is weekend weather we can live with.

Also, check out some photos from Banner Elk-photographer Todd Bush. These were taken this morning.

Photos by Todd Bush