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Federal Emergency Management Agency Approves $300/Week Unemployment Boost for NC

By Harley Nefe

The state of North Carolina applied Aug. 20 for a federal unemployment boost that should add at least $300 to individual’s weekly unemployment checks. On Aug. 21, the Federal Emergency Management Agency approved the request. 

However, It is not clear when the funds will be distributed, but it could be as soon as next week.

So far, the federal government has approved only enough money to cover three weeks of payments, all of which have already passed. The funds will be paid retroactively, covering the last week of July and the first two weeks of August.

After those three weeks, FEMA will assess further distribution of funds, as the funding comes from a federal disaster relief program.

According to the Division of Employment Security, in order to be eligible for the extra $300 people must:

  • Be eligible for at least $100 per week in unemployment benefits from programs including state unemployment insurance, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Extended Benefits.
  • Be unemployed or partially unemployed due to disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A $600-a-week unemployment boost, also funded by the federal government, was in place for about four months starting in early April and ran out in late July.