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February Only: W.A.M.Y. Community Action’s Have a Heart Program

Hearts placed at Hatchet Coffee

By Ashley Cook

During the month of February, help W.A.M.Y have a heart for our community! For only one dollar, you can purchase a heart from one of the participating vendors. Your heart goes right back into supporting your community and helping to break the cycle of poverty in the high country. 

“The Have a Heart Program encourages patrons at local businesses to show their love for this community during the month of February.  All they have to do is donate $1 and they receive a heart to write their name on and it will be displayed at the business in which they purchased the heart,”  said Ashley Cook of W.A.M.Y.   
Who benefits from the Have a Heart Program?
By raising awareness, members of the community can learn about the available programs. The proceeds from this campaign will go back into the programs that WAMY Community Action operate in Watauga County.  Currently there are four major programs:  
1. Youth Development: Summer Camp for low-income families.
2. Total Family Development Program: Short term educational training for low-income families to help them attain a job earning a livable wage.
3. Gardening Program: We offer gardening vouchers to low-income elderly, and this ensures that these individuals have access to fresh produce.
4. Weatherization Program: We weatherize homes of low-income individuals, this allows them to save up to 30% in energy bills.

Want to purchase a heart? The Participating Vendors Include:

Bella’s Italian Restaurant

The New Public House & Hotel

Black Cat Burrito

Highway Robbery

Hatchet Coffee

Espresso News

The Dogwood

Miracle Grounds

Mountain Grounds Coffee & Tea Co.

Lost Province 

Canvas Beauty Bar

Boone Drug Deerfield

Jill’s Hair Port

What is W.A.M.Y.?

WAMY is a local non-profit that has served Watauga, Avery, Mitchell and Yancey Counties for more than 5 decades.  Our programs center around helping those in our community break the cycle of poverty.  When our neighbors are happy and healthy – our community thrives! 

About W.A.M.Y. Community Action

Our agency was founded on the core values of hard work, determination, integrity and community spirit.  Our services are here to provide support for families who are most in need and ready to make the changes necessary to improve their lives.  As a community action organization, WAMY is able to offer different services and programs, based on the needs in the communities we serve.  We were created to fill gaps in the communities between the needs of the low-income and the services that are currently available.

Contact Us

Call our toll-free number: 1-800-571-WAMY (9269), visit our website http://wamycommunityaction.org/, or visit us at one of our follow locations: