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Feb. 25 at the Schaefer Center: Lake Street Dive Live in NC

The red hot jazz pop four piece known as Lake Street Dive will be making their only stop in NC Saturday night Feb. 25 at the Schaefer Center at Appalachian State here in Boone. Hot on the heels of their third studio release, this group out of Boston has sold out every show so far during their current tour, which spans the United States. With their highly anticipated appearance at the Schaefer Center fast approaching, fans should expect this show to sell out as well.

The fame of Lake Street Dive is largely due to the strange and immense power of the internet. Though the band had been around for ten years with two albums released, when the actor Kevin Bacon tweeted a video of the band covering The Jackson Five hit “I Want You Back,” the band was granted a level of exposure never before known to the four piece unit. The tweet was followed by a snowballing success which landed the band television appearances; huge new venues, playing alongside world famous acts; national and international tours and eventually another hit album, Side Pony, which was released last year.

Of course, while the internet was the vessel that skyrocketed the group to unseen levels of fame, the incredible sound produced by these four friends who also just happen to be conservatory trained musicians fueled that rocketship. Judging from the musicianship and artistry that drips from each new track that Lake Street Dive puts out, they seem to have enough fuel for quite a sustained flight.

One of the most amazing qualities of Lake Street’s sound is the craftsmanship of each song. Each member of the band manages to channel their avant garde abilities into this simple rhythm and blues structure that is beyond polished. Each subtle note seems carefully crafted to give every song a unique and complete character.

“We want it to sound like the Beatles and Motown had a party together,” drummer Mike Calabrese told the Guardian back in 2014, just after the band began to gain wide recognition. Calabrese’s description has held up and probably best describes the band’s successful second and third albums, Bad Self Portraits and the newly released Side Pony.

Though Lake Street Dive steered themselves towards more of a pop sound for their second and third albums after their more avant garde debut, the band oozes musical integrity. In a pop music world peopled by Mariah Carey monitor mishaps and Nick Jonas guitar solo fails, Lake Street Dive delivers musicianship and character in a vintage-pop jazz infused package that is sure to captivate huge audiences of varying sensibilities.

The band’s live shows consistently amaze fans who have only heard the group’s recordings. It seems impossible that all of the harmonies and intricately subtle rhythms and notes could be done live. But Lake Street Dive requires no smoke and mirrors; they are really just that good.

Lake Street’s appearance at the Schaefer center is the only NC date on their current tour. 

“Audience members should try to get to the Schaefer Center early to ensure a good parking spot!” urges Anna Gaugert, spokesperson for the Schaefer Center. “The lobby will open at 6pm, with the concert beginning at 7pm. Concessions from Appalachian Mountain Brewery, Wine to Water and Appalachia Cookie Co. are available in the lobby and can be brought into the theatre.”

“Lake Street Dive is bringing special guest, Joey Dosik to open the concert, adds Gaugert. “Dosik is a singer/songwriter and producer based in Los Angeles. He has recently collaborated with Vulfpeck, Mocky, and Miguel Atwood Ferguson among others.”

The addition of Dosik is a huge deal for Boonies, who are known to get down to Vulfpeck as well as Lake Street Dive. Overall the night promises to enthral long time fans and first time comers alike as Lake Street Dive takes the stage for another fantastic instalment of the Schaefer Center Presents performance series on Saturday Feb. 25.