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Featuring Melissa Reaves, The Meldavians are on the Nomination Ballot for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards

The Meldavians – Courtesy of The Meldavians

By Jesse Wood

Oct. 22, 2012. Last Tuesday morning, members of The Meldavians were notified that two of the band’s songs on its debut album have been placed on the official ballot for the 55th annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy.

The Meldavians, which features local rock star Melissa Reaves, released Farewell Arigemon in January of this year. The album, which is also on the ballot, features nine songs written by pianist Dave Fox and two songs by Reeves – one from each.

Four Potential Grammy Nominations

  • Best Rock Performance

            The Meldavians – “I Remember” 

  • Best Rock Performance

            The Meldavians – “New Rock Song” 

            Songwriter: Melissa Reaves

  • Best Rock Song

            The Meldavians – “I Remember”

            Songwriter: Dave Fox

  • Best Americana Album

            The Meldavians – Farewell Arigemon

Melissa Reaves

To listen to “I Remember” and “New Rock Song,” click here: http://melissareaves.com/news.php

Now that the band has made it on the Grammy Awards ballot, Reaves said the next step is a voting process by which The Recording Academy members narrow the each category to the top five songs.

The ballots have been sent out to all the voting members and must be received by The Recording Academy by Oct. 31.

In an email to fellow musicians Reaves wrote, “I’ve been so very excited this week with this news. You all know first hand, I might add, how wonderfully rewarding and equally difficult this road has been.”

She added, “It’s an incredible honor to be placed on the Grammy ballot.”

The nominees will be announced at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Dec. 5 and will be aired live on CBS at 10 p.m. eastern time.

The 55th annual Grammy Awards takes place on Feb. 10, 2013, at the Staples Center in L.A. 

Important Note from Reeves about Campaigning

“As you know, it is OK to ask people on a one-to-one basis to support us with their vote (or to ask people to forward our ballot info to their friends). This type of individual campaigning is entirely expected and permitted,” Reaves wrote in that email.

“However, please do not post our ballot information on your Facebook page, Twitter, blogs, or in group/anonymous email blasts. That type of campaigning could hurt our chances during this process.”

For more information about the band, click to www.meldavians.com.

Celebration Party at Bistro Roca in Boone

Join Melissa Reaves at Bistro Roca tonight at 7 p.m. to celebrate the inclusion of The Meldavians on the nomination ballot.

“Come one, come all,” Reaves said, speaking on Monday afternoon.

She added, “I am just thrilled. It’s such a landmark opportunity in my career, and I’m ecstatic and thrilled.”