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Fancy Pants Food and Wine Tasting Crawl Event Hosted by Peabody’s on Friday, Mar. 31

Peabody’s Wine and Beer Merchants is hosting the 2nd Annual “Fancy Pants,” a restaurant and wine tasting crawl event, on Friday, Mar. 31, from 6:00-8:30 p.m.

For $35, each person gets to taste over 50 wines, try food from four amazing restaurants downtown and a receives Riedel tasting glass.

“It’s an incredible deal,” Jeff Collins, Owner of Peabody’s, said. “You get all this food and get to taste so many wines, plus you get to keep the Riedel tasting glass. It’s a great deal for $35.”

The crawl covers a small section of downtown, the restaurants involved being Vidalia, CoBo, Proper, and The Local.

“We tell you which restaurant to start at, but then after that, you get to go wherever you want out of the restaurants participating,” Collins said. “You get to try out some good food from some of the better restaurants downtown.”

Along with this, at each venue, there will be a booklet of the wines that are available, and the amounts of delicious wine one can taste throughout the event is incredible.

This is the second year that Peabody’s has decided to host this event, and Collins attributes it to the fact that springtime is here, the weather is getting nice again and things are slow around the High Country during the beginning of spring.

“It’s spring, and it’s a slow time of the year,” Collins said. “We wanted to do this to just have something going on downtown.”

Not only this, but according to Collins, working with other businesses is a perk of the event for Peabody’s.

“It’s just fun to work with local area restaurants,” Collins said. “It’s nice to do something outside of our walls and to do it just for fun.”

The event name is truer than true—Fancy Pants requires each participant to wear the fanciest pants they can!

For tickets and reservations, call Peabody’s at 828-264-9476.

The Local on Howard Street
The Bar at The Local
Inside the restaurant at The Local
CoBo on Howard Street
Proper on Water Street
Inside the restaurant at Proper
Inside Proper
Vidalia on King Street
Inside the bar at Vidalia
Inside the restaurant at Vidalia