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Fall Color Report: Grandfather Mountain Colors Spectacular As Different Species’ Leaves Change Colors Together, Boone To Peak Within Two Weeks


The upper parking lot of the Grandfather Mountain Nature Museum. Photo by landis Taylor

By Mark S. Kenna

Oct. 7, 2013. Fall colors are already spectacular on Grandfather Mountain and the southern slope of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Jesse Pope, director of education and natural resources at Grandfather Mountain, said. 

The clear weather aided fall colors as the shift from September to October brings peak days to Boone this week or next, Pope said.

Grandfather Mountain’s slopes just north of the Linn Cove Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Photo by Katie Casella

However on Grandfather Mountain, fall colors are already coming in, with the expectation of peak fall colors by this week and next Friday.

“The colors are really starting to pop and we have lots of reds and oranges in the mix,” Pope said. “This is the most reds I’ve seen in the mix in the last few years for sure.”

The interesting thing about this year is the synchronization of different tree species’ leaves changing colors; for its all coming in at once instead of splotches of color, Pope added.

“Rather than a trickle of color, the maples, sassafras, ashe, beech, birch and a number of other tree species are all starting to turn at the same rate,” Pope said. 

Even with already vibrant fall colors, the High Country is a week away from widespread peak fall colors.

“I certainly don’t have an exact date of a “peak” time to visit, but anyone who visits even today will be very thrilled with the colors already present in the mountains,” Pope said.

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