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‘Fall Color Guy’ Releases First Report for 2016

Taken somewhere in the High Country on Thursday afternoon by Ken Ketchie

By Jesse Wood

Howard Neufeld, a biology professor at App State University and also known as the “Fall Color Guy,” has released his first report of fall 2016, and the keyword in the report is “green.”

“We’re still 3 to 4 weeks from having really good color show up, and nearly 5 weeks before we get to the peak at around 3,300’ elevation, which is the average elevation if you travel on the Blue Ridge Parkway between Grandfather Mountain and Blowing Rock,” Neufeld wrote.


While that’s the case and expected as Labor Day was only three days ago, Neufeld said that he has noticed some color on particular trees.

“Sourwoods are turning a deep red along the roadsides, as are some red and sugar maples, while some birch and cherries are losing their leaves here and there. Tent caterpillars are really abundant this year along the parkway and they especially like cherry trees,” Neufeld wrote.

So far, Neufeld mentioned that the past week of cool and sunny weather has been “ideal” for a red-color exhibition and otherwise fine season of color.

Check out Neufeld’s blog here – an interesting follow, whether you are interested in the science and nature behind leaf season or are attempting to schedule a visit to a particular area in the High Country or beyond during peak leaf season.