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Exit Polls Conducted at Precincts in Watauga

If you are voting in the presidential primary today in the High Country – and likely elsewhere in the North Carolina and the other states on Super Tuesday II, you are likely be questioned for an exit poll.

In one of the municipal precincts in Watauga County, a person working for a national polling service company, which feeds national news outlets such as the AP, Fox News and ABC, asked voters questions after they came out of the polls.

Aside from personal information, questions included: Who did you vote for? What was the most important hot-button issue? When did you decide on who were voting for?

This particular person, who conducting the exit poll outside a precinct in Watauga County for three hours on Tuesday, said that of the people polled, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were the leading votegetters in the respective presidential primaries for Republicans and Democrats.

But of the people who voted at this precinct, one-quarter of the voters wouldn’t participate and another quarter of voters weren’t interviewed, likely because the person conducting the poll was already talking to someone.

These exit polls enable news outlets to offer election projections and analysis about who voted for whom.