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Enter if You Dare, AMB Returns to Haunted Horn with New Escape Challenge “The Accused”

By Hailey Blevins

Last year, Appalachian Mountain Brewery’s We Can So You Can Foundation presented the Haunted Horn: Curse of Wendigo. The event was popular, quickly becoming a High Country Favorite because of the unique way it gives a plot to a haunted trail. This year, they’re back with Haunted Horn: The Accused.

Danny Wilcox commented on the first year of the Haunted Horn, “We had some great numbers coming out. It’s a unique experience right here in the heart of Boone and a unique setting with the horn in the west historical cabins. It’s something that you don’t have to travel forty minutes off the mountain for.”

Last year’s unique trail experience brought in crowds of thrill seekers who wanted to be immersed into the story. Photo by Ken Ketchie.

Haunted Horn: The Accused

On Friday and Saturday nights from October 12 to October 27 from 8-11 p.m., experience a haunted Horn in the West. Tickets to The Accused are $13 online and $18 at the door. This event isn’t recommended for those under 13.

Haunted Horn: The Accused is a unique outdoor escape challenge that will take you back to a time when a simple lie could have you burned at the stake! A small mountain settlement has been rocked by accusations of witchery and sorcery. Are all of the women truly witches or innocent bystanders of a more sinister plot?

Use your intellect and wit to help Luna Langsten, a young girl trying to escape the settlement. To maneuver through, you will need to solve puzzles and disarm diabolical traps. Can you save Luna and the other women of the settlement without getting caught by the guards and other maniacal characters or will you be forced to sacrifice some of them to save yourself? Do you think you have what it takes to solve the puzzle and escape the traps to uncover the truth behind the hysteria?

Similarly to last year’s Haunted Horn, this haunted trail gives the experience a plot. Not only does the trail include jump scares, it immerses its victims into the stories. “Every year, we’re going to try to add a new reference to a haunted historical experience. Last year, we had the Wendigo and this year it’s more of a mountain witch theme. There’s a lot of historical references to what that looked like up here.”

This year, Haunted Horn has an added twist. Not only will you be immersed into the plot, the trail will be an escape challenge. There are “About 7 different challenges that you got to, as a team, try to make it through with your whole team,” says Wilcox.

Shauna Godwin was excited for the new addition to the Haunted Horn, “It’s an outdoor escape challenge, so players will get an opportunity to participate in escape games as well as a haunted trail. It’s definitely an immersive event. Adding the escape element makes it a little more hands on.”

Also new this year is Witch Craft, which is a beer garden that features local breweries. “We’ll be offering beers from local breweries. There will be a little area where people can just hang out. We don’t want people to just come, see the trail and leave. We want people to stay and enjoy it and to make a night of it, Godwin says. Several games will still be open after Daniel Boo closes, so children will still have things they can do as well.

Daniel Boo

In addition to the main trail, Daniel Boo caters to families with children. During the Daniel Boo hours (6-7:30 p.m.), guests of all ages can enjoy some spooky, not-so-scary fun. Both children and parents alike can play fall-inspired games, win prizes, wander through the Wacky Woods on an interactive scavenger hunt and much more!

Admission to Daniel Boo is $10 for ages 3-17. Parents are FREE with purchase of child’s ticket. Ages 2 and under are also free. If parents wish to come back after dark for the main haunt, they can upgrade their ticket at the door for $10.

Crafts and activities are set up in Daniel Boo for everyone to enjoy. Photo by Ken Ketchie.


Haunted Horn is mostly volunteers who working the event, along with some paid actors. Haunted Horn is still looking for volunteers. Godwin encourages those interested in reaching out about participating, “We’ll always take volunteers. We’d love for them to come out and be part of the event.” Those interested can email 828haunt@gmail.com to talk to Danny or Shauna about volunteering in Haunted Horn.

“This event is put on by the We Can So You Can Foundation, which is part of a larger project we call Revamp the Amp. It’s the revitalization of the Daniel Boone Amphitheatre. The proceeds from the event will go back into the venue,” says Godwin.

We Can So You Can is a non-profit in the High Country. Appalachian Mountain Brewery is a contributor to the foundation. The foundation is focused on community development and supporting different things in the High Country.

“Revamp the Amp is a project that We Can has been working on, this will be our second year working on this project,” noted Godwin.

Photos from Haunted Horn: Curse of the Wendigo, Taken by Ken Ketchie