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Enjoy It While It Lasts: Downtown Parking Drops Off 50 Percent In Between ASU Semester, Summer Sessions

By Jesse Wood

May 16, 2013. It isn’t too difficult to find a parking space in downtown Boone since the majority of college kids left town.

Enjoy it while it lasts because the first summer session at ASU begins next Tuesday, May 21.

Steve McLaurin of McLaurin Parking, which has a contract with the Town of Boone to manage parking in the downtown area, said that after a school semester ends, parking drops roughly 50 percent.

“But it picks back up again when the summer session begins,” McLaurin said. “It doesn’t pick up like the normal year. It probably drops off 50 percent for a few days in between the start of the first summer session.” 


Photo by Ken Ketchie


Photo by Ken Ketchie


Photo by Ken Ketchie