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End of February Avery County Schools Announcements

Feb. 25, 2013. 

Cranberry Middle School Teacher Elected to the NC Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Laura King, teacher at Cranberry Middle School, has been elected to serve on the North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Mrs. King will serve as the Vice President of the Board of Directors as the Western Region Middle School representative.  This Board is instrumental in evaluating mathematics education and for offering support to teachers and students. 

ACS Safe Schools Summit March 14

Avery County Schools will be hosting a two day Safe Schools Summit with school safety specialist Michael Dorn.  Mr. Dorn is an international authority on school safety who delivers his message for school safety with passion and conviction.  He serves as the Executive Director of Safe Havens International, Inc., a global school safety center.  The summit meetings begin on March 14th with day sessions for school leaders, law enforcement officers, EMS workers, fireman, or anyone interested in keeping our children safe.  Avery County residents will receive training at no cost, but registration is required. The summit is open to outside agencies for a small fee, registration required.  The evening session for March 14th begins at 6 pm at Avery High School Gymnasium and is open to the public.  Parents, students, and community are invited to attend this dynamic meeting for safety awareness and training.  “School safety is a community concern, and it will take everyone working together to ensure that we maintain the safest facilities possible for our students,” stated David Burleson, superintendent ACS. Day two, March 15th will be specially for Avery County School personnel for training and each school will be  evaluated and assessed for school safety.  To register or for additional information, please contact Leslie Laws, at 828.733.6006 or leslielaws@averyschools.net.

Science Fair Winners Advance for more Competition

Congratulations to the following students for their excellent Science Fair Projects. Student winners have been designated to advance to the next level of competition- the traditional regional fair, the academy of science regional fair, or both. Honorable mentions will not advance, but deserve high accolades and recognition.  

Avery Middle School

Cecilia Barajas- My Dog’s Reaction

Connor Rigdon- Don’t Let Your Muscles Get Full Exercise

A.J. Ayers- Raft Designs

Jack Jones- Plop Plop Fizz (honorable mention)

Mac Carraway- Battery Power (honorable mention)

Ryder Seiz- The Science of Golf-Why a golf ball travels farther on different swings

Kara Polsgrove/Madison Johnson/Madi Daniels- Disease Prevention-Bacteria Mini-STEM (honorable mention)

Libby Phillips-Mini STEM bacteria

Chris Huffman/Austin Martin-Solar Cars (honorable mention)

Alexis Hayes- Crop Rotation

Brett Smith-The Science of Golf

Taylor McKinney- Osmosis (honorable mention)

Camryn Greene- Which battery Keeps Going and Going and Going (honorable mention)

Sara Hawkins/Aidan Betz- Explosion of Color

Lindsey Fletcher- Soccer Ball Study

LeAnn Brinkley/Annelise Haizlip- A Dog’s Reaction to Different Types of Music

Amelia Jarrell- Ready, Set, Grow

Not pictured: Taylor McKinney, and Austin Martin

front row: Aidan Betz, Sara Hawkins, Amelia Jarrell, Lindsey Fletcher, Annelise Haizlip, LeAnn Brinkley, and Camryn Greene

middle row: Cecilia Barajas, Conner Rigdon, A.J. Ayers, Jack Jones, Mac Carraway, Ryder Seiz

back row: Kara Polsgrove, Libby Phillips, Chris Huffman, Madison Johnson, Alexis Hayes, Madi Daniels,

not pictured: Taylor McKinney, Bret Smith and Austin Martin

Cranberry Middle School

Greyson Stafford- PGA Bound

Austin Dugger/ Nicholas Johnson- Bombs Away Ping Pong Catapult

Josh Cook- Baseball Bats: composite vs. aluminum

Caleb Pritchard-Does a heavier or lighter bat hit the baseball further?

Jacob Daniels- Will watering plants with different liquids make them grow?

Shelby Watkinson- How to Bake the Best Cookies (honorable mention)

Leah Ricker- Mnemonics for Everyone (honorable mention)


Back row left to right: Greyson Stafford, Austin Dugger, Josh Cook, Nicholas Johnson, Caleb Pritchard, Jacob Daniels

Front row left to right: Maddie Barinowski, Leah Ricker, Shelby Watkinson