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Funky Prog Rock Band Eminence Ensemble to Perform at Boone Saloon Friday, April 22

By Bailey Faulkner

Boone Saloon is the place to be on Friday, April 22 — “prog rock-funk fusion” quintet Eminence Ensemble is coming to Boone for an unforgettable night of music. Will Bradford’s “longtime independent cult alt-rock project” SeepeopleS will be the night’s opening act.

If you’ve never seen either of the groups, Friday night is a perfect opportunity to check out why they are two of today’s hottest bands.

Eminence Ensemble

Justin Neely (guitar, vocals)

Zac Flynn (bass)

Johnny Bosbyshell (keys, vocals)

Nick Baum (percussion, vocals)

Tanner Bardin (drums, vocals)

Eminence Ensemble/Photo Courtesy of Lucid TV

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Eminence Ensemble has been heavily touring since forming back in 2008. The members founded the band while attending the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Billing itself as a progressive rock and fusion band, Eminence Ensemble has cited Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, Yes and Michael Jackson among its greatest influences. While you can detect those influences in the band’s music and performances, Eminence Ensemble’s fusion of styles and genres sets the band apart as something totally unique.

Known for its “explosive live performances and captivating, unique style of songwriting,” Eminence Ensemble is a crowd pleaser to say the least. If you want to check out some live performances online, click here.

If you leave Boone Saloon with a craving for more Eminence Ensemble, you should check out Pardeepalooza, the annual music festival that the band helps host at the State Bridge Amphitheater in Bond, Colorado. It’s a ways away from North Carolina, but the drive is worth it for a true music lover! You can check out the lineup from last year’s Pardeepalooza here. The lineup to this year’s show will be available in the coming weeks.


Will Bradford (guitar, vocals, songwriting)

Ian Riley (bass, vocals)

Dan Capaldi (drums, vocals)

Doug Porter (guitar, vocals)

Fred Copeman (keys, vocals)

SeepeopleS/Photo Courtesy of Victoria Karol

Portland, Maine’s SeepeopleS isn’t new to the music scene — the band has toured and produced music since 2000. In that time, it has amassed a long list of notable achievements.

The band’s music has been featured on ABC’s television series The Gates and CBS’ Judging Amy. The music community has positively received SeepeopleS as well. Members of Morphine, Dave Matthews Band, Spearhead and Parliament-Funkadelic have been featured on the band’s studio recordings.

In 2015, the band released Dead Soul Sessions, a 25-track behemoth that mixed “rock, trip-hop, alternative, psychedelic, R&B, funk, acoustic, electronica, ambient and pop.” That probably sounds like a ton of styles, and it is — the band describes their sound as “anti-genre-new-music.”

Along with the band’s “weird, mind-bending world view,” SeepeopleS’ musical flavors truly set the band apart from any group that could fall into only one or two genres.

Phish drummer John Fishman obviously likes what he hears: the legendary jam band’s drummer recently joined SeepeopleS to play a set at a pre-caucus party in Orono, Maine in support of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream also joined the musicians on stage to support Sanders. Along with Fishman, the band ended the night with a cover of Billy Joel’s Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song).

Boone Saloon

Friday’s show will begin at 10 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door.

If you want to check out more about the bands playing, click on these links for more information: Eminence Ensemble, SeepeopleS.

Considering the unique style of both bands, Friday’s show will truly be a must-see. Don’t miss out!