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Where Else Was Phil? This Weekend, Phil Attended Graduation At ASU!

Over the weekend, there were several clients of WAMY that were graduating from the university, and Phil came out to show his support for the successful graduates!

Clad in a cap and gown, Phil fit right in with the crowd over the weekend. All of the graduates, like Phil, are hardworking, intelligent and are now out in the world to make the change they’ve set out to make!


Just like Phil, the graduates from this weekend are not setting their minds to challenging tasks that will better all of the communities that they become a part of. 

Congratulations, graduates! WAMY, Phil and the rest of the community are proud of you and supporting you as you go on your way!

Congratulations Class of 2017!
Phil attended the graduations this weekend in order to show his support and encouragement for the Class of 2017!