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Elkland Arts Center Hosts Trash ‘n Fashion Show in May, Now Seeking Trash and Sponsors


March 14, 2013. Elkland Art Center, a community arts nonprofit located in Todd, is hosting the third Trash ‘n Fashion Show. We are teaming local businesses and organizations with artists/designers to create wearable art. Out of trash!

Reaping the rewards of recycling. Photo courtesy of Elkland Arts Center
Reaping the rewards of recycling. Photo courtesy of Elkland Arts Center

On First Friday, May 3, at the High Country Press Building, EAC will present Trash ‘n Fashion, a runway show of fashion made from dumpster­bound materials, lovingly crafted into beautiful handmade garments.

The success of this event lies in the hands of our creative designers – ASU students and EAC volunteers – and in the inspiring materials provided by local businesses and organizations.


We are using your trash to make treasure! The dress is made only from what goes into your dumpster. Paper, cups, boxes, plastic bags: these are exactly what we are looking to use.

You will be surprised and impressed with how good your waste will look! Once you commit to sponsorship at one of the designated (and tax­deductible) levels, we will send a designer/artist to meet with you to get ideas for your outfit AND collect your trash.

Our designers/artists will find out about your aesthetic and how you want to be presented.

Wholesome family business? We’ll make sure your company’s outfit is classy. OR tell us to “Trash it up!” and our designers will make something sassy that reflects how you fit in this community.

We are seeking sponsors now!


For more information about this event or to become a sponsor, please contact Lexie Danner at 828/964­5627 or email Lexie at lexie@elklandartcenter.org.