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ECRS to Buy Boone Lunch at the F.A.R.M. Cafe This Wednesday to Help Fight Food Insecurity

This Wednesday, May 22, join us for a Buy Boone Lunch sponsored by ECRS. Because ECRS is generously covering the meal cost, every dollar donated this Wednesday, May 22, will be utilized by the cafe in its mission to fight food insecurity in the High Country. Just like each day at F.A.R.M Cafe, guests are encouraged to donate what they are able for a great lunch. When asked why their company chooses to support F.A.R.M. Cafe, ECRS Chief Operating Officer, David Sprague, stated, “We believe in being good stewards to the High Country that we’ve called home for thirty years. That’s why we’re focused on giving back: creating jobs, providing educational opportunities to students, and contributing to causes that help our neighbors. We’re proud of the great work done by the folks at F.A.R.M. Cafe, combating food insecurity and providing delicious meals in the process. We are honored to partner with them.”

F.A.R.M cafe is a non-profit, donate-what-you-can cafe dedicated to building a healthy and inclusive community. It provides high quality and delicious meals produced from local sources whenever possible. The cafe operates Monday-Friday 11-2pm. For more information on F.A.R.M cafe and its mission to feed all, regardless of means, please visit the website at Farmcafe.org.