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Early Morning Snow Showers Splash a Little White at Higher Elevations Monday

By Nathan Ham

Some residents in the High Country woke up to snow falling as the second full week of April gets underway.

While most of the snow was falling at higher elevations outside of Boone, the white stuff was slowly beginning to stick to some trees and grass in areas of Watauga, Ashe and Avery counties.

Some light rain and a few snowflakes will linger into the afternoon before tapering off, leaving the High Country with some cloud cover and chilly temperatures.

Tuesday and Wednesday will be the start of a nice warm-up to close out the week. High temperatures will reach the mid 50s on both days before temperatures jump into the uppers 60s on Thursday and Friday.

Rain rolls back into the High Country this weekend with showers and thunderstorms arriving Saturday night with a more steady rain falling on Sunday. High temperatures for both days will still be in the 60s.

This week last year in Boone, temperatures were much warmer than what the area will see now. High temperatures were in the 70s with no rainy weather during this week in 2017.

Check out Ray’s Weather Center for updated weather forecasts throughout the week for Boone and surrounding areas.


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