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Drive by to Enjoy This Year’s ‘Country Band’ Halloween Display at Linville Land Harbor

By Jessica Isaacs

Photos by Ken Ketchie

Halloween fun is out in full force at Linville Land Harbor, where the community’s annual holiday displays are now up for all to see.

This relaxed, affordable luxury residential development offers an array of activities and amenities for its residents year-round, and its displays offer something that public can enjoy, too.

“We started doing these annual displays about six or seven years ago. Janet Sims, who has since passed away, was a resident here. She worked with the flowers around here a lot and she started a group called the Dead Heads, because they would dead head the flowers and take care of the beds,” said Betty Jo Lipps, maintenance administrator at LLH. “They started putting up scarecrows and it just evolved from those into what it is now, and we have great fun doing it. When Janet passed, we decided we were going to keep on with her legacy and make it better and better.”

Each year, residents and staff at LLH pool their ideas in a brainstorming session to come up with a creative new idea for Halloween.

“Last year, we had the runaway bride and a shotgun wedding,” Lipps laughed. “This year, we started out with the idea of a country band and one of our guys, Tim Wallace, designed the figures and cut them out of boards. We just got to thinking how cute it would be to have the washboards and the wash tubs like bands used to use.”

The largest display is set up right in front of Land Harbor Lake along U.S. Highway 221, but there’s more to see as you travel through the development.

“If you come on through, there’s little vignettes all the way through Land Harbor. You can go all the way up to the golf house and see it. We’ve got some golfers and a guy turning flips, just different things along the way,” said Lipps. “It’s something fun we all do together. It’s fun for the residents here because they’re always anxious to see what we’re going to do next and they’re all very encouraging with it. It’s fun for everyone.”

So, if you’re in the area or if you’re up for an afternoon drive, swing by Linville Land Harbor and check out the Halloween display for yourself.

“We’ve got one that looks a whole lot like Willie Nelson,” Lipps said. “Come on out to check them out and see who you think they look like. We’ve certainly had a good time doing this.”

Lipps said there’s also a cool new Christmas display in the works for the upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned!